There is no such thing as a “perfect” work-life balance:

There is no such thing as a “perfect” work-life balance:

There is only flexibility and prioritization.

1. Come to terms that a perfect balance does not exist

Work-life balance is not about having an equal number of hours between work and personal life.

A perfect schedule is impossible to achieve. We have to aim for what is realistic. 

Work-life balance is having days where you focus more on work and get as many things done so you have time, later on, to spend with your family or yourself. 

It’s all about embracing flexibility and then you achieve the balance you want over time. 

𝟐. Health above everything else

You are your biggest asset. Therefore, you have to take care of yourself. 

Prioritizing your health can be as simple as STOPPING when you feel your body begging for a break. 

𝟑. Unplug

Unplugging can be as simple as reading your favorite book instead of checking your work emails before you go to bed.

It can be as simple as not opening your laptop on weekends.

Cut ties from your work from time to time and allow yourself to re-energize and clear your mind.

4. Make time for your loved ones

You were a parent before you were a business owner. You were a wife/husband before you were a CEO. You were a friend, daughter, and sibling before you were a boss.

Don’t let work make you neglect the important people in your life.

We’re not super humans. I wish we were but we’re not. I wish we can do it all but we can’t. We can’t get everything done.

You need to learn how to prioritize. You need to learn how to say no. You need to let go and make things easy for you. 

In business terms, you need to automate and delegate.

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