9 practical steps on how to make your team meetings more effective

9 practical steps on how to make your team meetings more effective

Does your team forget their tasks and responsibilities after meetings? Do they fail to follow-through? Do you struggle ending your team huddles on time? Do you remember feeling frustrated because there are no clear action items set after meetings?

Hands up if you are one of those who work their hardest in winging every all-hands meeting!
You see, I have attended several meetings from different organizations. There is one thing I always notice. 

Most of them fail to put a structure in the meeting agenda.

Attendees are often not prepared and the discussions are all over the place. I understand that every team member is busy with all their projects but as leaders, it is our responsibility to set the tone and make the best use of everyone’s time.

My team and I used to struggle with this as well. But it was when I decided to be intentional with our weekly agenda and my team’s growth that things changed. My team has become more inspired and focused.

I want to help you and your team reach the same state as ours!

Here are 9 practical steps on how you can effectively lead your meetings:

  1. Store your agenda in one place
  2. Allow your team to prepare and participate by adding their discussion items before the meeting. Everyone has to contribute
  3. Have a running “issues list”. Bring it up and solve during the meeting
  4. Assign someone to remind everyone when the discussion derails
  5. List the action items
  6. Be clear with who is responsible for what
  7. Assign due dates
  8. Review everything and wrap up
  9. Stop on time

Structure brings clarity and direction to your team. Meetings can be fun and full of learning if you choose to be intentional and personal about it. Some weeks, my team and I talk about goals and challenges. Other times, we do personal development training or devotion.

As a leader, you set the tone and culture.

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