Why did I choose Dubsado for my business?

Why did I choose Dubsado for my business?

I like to keep things organized in one place and fortunately, Dubsado has everything I need to keep my business running smoothly and efficiently. My client acquisition and onboarding has never been smoother! It replaced a lot of apps I use before such as HelloSign, Calendly, Aidaform, and Wave, saving me time and money.

How do I use Dubsado to manage my business? 

  • A questionnaire that qualifies leads who want to book a call with me is embedded in my website
  • Along with the questionnaire is a scheduler where potential clients can book an appointment with me (calendar is synced with my google calendar so Dubsado automatically blocks time slots that are already taken)
  • Dubsado sends me an email notification when someone books a call and creates a to-do task for me to review the questionnaire
  • My potential client receives an email notification to confirm the appointment and another email reminder few minutes before our call
  • I then send a custom proposal to my potential client after our call and once the proposal is approved, I send over a contract that allows them to e-sign with a legally binding digital signature
  • Once the contract is signed, I send over an invoice with payment details and schedule. You can accept payments via Stripe, Paypal, or Square. Unfortunate for me, since I am from the Philippines and Paypal fees are ridiculously high, I prefer using Transferwise so I just add an information on where and how they can settle the payment
  • Once the payment is settled, Dubsado sends an email with scheduler where my client can book an appointment for our Strategy call
  • An automated email reminder gets sent out when the payment is due and overdue
  • An automated feedback form to ask for testimonial gets sent out 45 and 90 days after project start date

What are the features of Dubsado that I really love?

Dubsado offers a lot of features but these are the ones that have really helped me and my business! Descriptions are based off of their website.
Workflows: A workflow can take a new lead to a paying customer all on its own, so you can invest your valuable time elsewhere. Automatically send emails, forms, and invoices, and trigger unique actions and tasks within a project.
Automation: Create templates for your workflows for repeated use, or customize a single workflow. Set up automatic and personal emails to be sent to your client as soon as they reach out to you.
Appointment Scheduler & Calendar Integration: Allow your clients to schedule individual time slots based on your availability. Automatically send reminders to your clients with upcoming appointment details. Connect questionnaires, proposals, forms to a scheduler for your clients to fill out when booking an appointment. Sync with your Google, iCloud, Outlook, or Office 365 calendar to prevent overbooking.
Lead Capture: Embed a lead form on your website or create a landing page to capture leads and trigger automated workflows.
Client Acquisition: Bring in new clients quickly and easily. They have automated on-boarding process to ensure that leads don’t slip away.
Proposals & Contracts: There’s a proposal for every kind of business. Clients can make their selections, sign a contract, and pay an invoice, all on your website.
Invoicing & Payment Collection: Send recurring invoices and set up auto-deductions for subscription-like services. Set up custom payment plans for your clients with installments, due dates, and auto-reminders.
Financial Reports & Goals: Compare month to month financial history and view profit breakdown through charts and graphs. Set annual or monthly goals and track your progress along the way.
I peacefully sleep at night knowing nothing falls through the cracks and my business runs with or without my supervision because Dubsado handles almost everything for me! 

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  1. Mika Mnd

    Hi! Thanks for this – very helpful. I am planning to do the same thing.

    May I ask how do you comply with the BIR requirements in terms of bookkeeping since you’re sending digital invoices? Did you apply for CAS?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Karen Cisnero

      Thanks, Mika! We hired an accountancy firm to assist us with BIR requirements.

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