About Me

It's impossible to live the life you imagine if you are caught in

"hustle mode” and consumed by your day-to-day back-end activities.

Allow me to take over the “hustle mode” so you can be your best self

and fulfill your purpose.

I'm Karen

-Your Certified Online Business Manager

I like working with authentic people whose vision is aligned with mine – creating a stress-free world where people live and breathe their passion.

I was one of those teenagers who was forced to take a course that is unaligned with her natural strength and talent. During my teenage life, I was doing something I don’t love. I felt like a chair acting as if I was a table. I was scared of the idea that one day, I’ll be on my deathbed and I will realize I did not fulfill my purpose in life. It’s a feeling I don’t want my team and my clients to go through.

This led to the birth of Karen Remotely. My past experiences fueled me to create a workplace where people are free to be their authentic selves, where they feel understood and appreciated.

I want to help creative entrepreneurs transform their business and make them fall in love with it again by helping them build strong and scalable systems, organize top-notch teams, create and implement seamless marketing launch plans. As a result, together we can bring in more revenue.

Let’s unlock the full potential of your business together!

Are you ready to have automated systems, streamlined processes, and an improved sales workflow that will make your business grow and sustainable?

Are you ready to handover team management and drive the
performance of your team?

Are you ready to have a marketing and cash flow strategy that will make your business viable to make a profit year after year?