We are excited at the possibility to partner with your business.

We are committed to providing our clients with an excellent experience and to making our working relationship a success.

Working together, we will design action plans for your goals to grow your business and elevate it to the next level.

We put together a simplified Welcome Kit to introduce you to how we work:

In this welcome kit, you'll find:

We are looking forward to a very successful working relationship.

To our success, 


How We Work

All our packages are
a minimum 3-month commitment

When we sign on, we are serious about working with you. We ask that you sign on with us for a minimum of 3 months. However, if you feel like we may not be the right fit for your team and business, you can cancel your agreement at any time within the first month of your retainer package. 

After that, our policy is 30 days notification of cancellation of services.

The Perks

Hours of Operation

We understand the beauty of working remotely, but we are not naive about its very specific challenges. To ensure that we are always responsive to your needs, our hours of operation allows seamless collaboration with US time zones, European time zones, and Australian time zones.

All calls and emails will be returned within 24 hours during business days (Monday to Friday).


We do not work during the following holidays:

 Christmas and New Year – Last two weeks of the calendar year

Payment & Invoicing

All payments on services rendered are paid upfront via Wise or Payoneer.

Each month, invoices are sent electronically on the same day you made the upfront payment. All services are prepaid and work will commence once payment is received.


Our commitment to you affects how many other clients we can take on.
For that reason, we don’t offer refunds.


We adhere to a strict confidentiality code and no information will be divulged to a third party. All documentation sent to us will be returned upon completion + payment. We take your confidentiality very seriously. If we need to use your credit card, we will shred the info after one use.  

Sharing Passwords

To safely exchange passwords, we use 1Password. We ask that our clients set up an account so that they can securely share their passwords with us. Please share passwords with passwords@karenremotely.com

*Please note that you can expect login notifications from the Philippines.


Your time is valuable, and so is ours. In the event that you need to change or cancel a scheduled meeting, We require a 24-hour notice. In turn, we promise to honor our appointments and be on time as well.


Referrals is our favorite way to gain new clients. As a special thank you for telling your friends about us, you’ll receive a $50 credit toward our services 30 days after the new client signed on.

All calls and emails will be returned within 24 hours during business days (Monday to Friday).

That means we will:

  • Respond to email and instant messages promptly
  • Follow-up with clients to ask for feedback
  • Make recommendations and offer solutions
  • Go the extra mile to make our clients happy

Fast Turn-Around

Project and task turnarounds vary depending on the specific requirements. We make an effort to handle all new projects and tasks within 36-48 hours after receiving the required information.  We always inform you of when you can expect projects and tasks to be completed. If you make changes to the original task or project, the amount of time required to complete the project is subject to change.

Project Management

We are happy to work with your PM tool if you’ve already established a routine. We use ClickUp to manage your projects in the event that you don’t already have something in place.

Getting Started

We will dive deep into your business’ success, struggles and everything in between.


The Introductory Call

We want to learn where you are in your business – where you are succeeding and where you lack support. This complimentary 30-minute session is the first step towards understanding your needs and assessing whether or not I’m a good fit for your business. Book your intro call now!

Based on our call, we will send you a custom proposal and suggest the right Online Business Management package for you. The proposal will include our rough insights, pinpoint potential projects, and next-step recommendations.


The Getting Down to Business Strategy Call

A 90-min strategic planning session is mandatory for all packages to kick off our working relationship. 

This is your opportunity to lay it all on the table and let us know exactly which areas of your business you want to improve, how you think your team & projects can be better managed, and what systems you want to put into place to make your business run smoothly. It is also our opportunity to evaluate your needs, your team & projects, and your overall business structure.

We are now a team. As a team, we want to identify what can be taken off your plate simply and effectively. We will have our hands in all of the inner workings of your business and maintain a well-oiled machine, allowing you to get back to the parts of the business you love.


The Audit

This is where we get serious. During the first 90 days, we do a full audit of all your business’ processes. During the first two weeks, we will look at files, procedures, and strictly observe how your beautiful business operates. The absolute earliest any implementation will occur is two weeks after the Getting Down To Business Call.

This is a time to show us examples of how you operate, introduce us to your staff, and allow us to find our space.


The first 90-days

We hone in on what makes your business flourish! We are also on the lookout for which sections need polishing, where the money is wasted, and which processes need implementation. As a master of efficiency, we want to make sure your business is reaching its full potential and no tasks are missed.

During this time, We’ll fix immediate leaks and lay the foundations for future projects.


Manage ongoing tasks

Once we have spent some time in the nitty-gritty of your business, we will help create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These beautiful work-of-art documents map out exactly how to execute and automate routine tasks. The SOP is given to a staff member who takes that job off your plate so you can get back to the part of the business you love (or you can even book a vacation!).

In addition to SOPs, we will help structure social media campaigns, product launches, and anything else your online biz needs.


Let’s get your business moving and start making visions happen! We will take your biz to the next level without losing your freedom and sanity.

Our project and retainer packages are based on a combination of Online Business Management and implementation which can include the following:

About Karen Remotely

We are a group of faith-oriented and excellence-driven people who work according to our respective zones of geniuses. We help creative entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators reclaim their time and sanity by implementing strong operating systems, organizing high-quality teams, and managing product/program launches so they can focus on what they do best and scale their business faster

Our clients see us as their “invaluable partner”.